Monday, July 05, 2004

Seattle Post-Intelligencer: AP Bush takes brisk bike ride in Maryland

Posted on Mon, Jul. 05, 2004
Bush Takes Brisk Bike Ride in Maryland

Associated Press

BELTSVILLE, Md. - Exercising a new passion, President Bush spent the day before his 58th birthday riding his mountain bike on the grounds of a Secret Service training facility near Washington.
Bush, who suffered cuts and bruises after taking a spill in May while biking at his ranch in Crawford, Texas, rode his bike for nearly 1 1/2 hours in the muggy midday as the temperature hung in the high 80s. Security personnel were seen apparently trailing him on all-terrain vehicles.
The president was not seen by the press corps, who accompanied him to the facility in the usual presidential motorcade but were kept in vans on a steamy parking lot during his bicycle ride.
Bush has been bicycling more since a painful right knee last year forced him to cut back on his jogging.