Sunday, July 11, 2004

1-800-Fix Road to the rescue

Check out this before and after shots of this drainage grate on Providence Road (Bicyclists Baltimore Pike).

On Tuesday I called PennDOT's pothole hotline 1-800-Fix-Road. Kudos to PennDOT's Delaware County Maintenance for fixing this problem is less than 48 hours.

Here is a quote from Aldan Councilman John McBlain
"At this point PennDOT is planning to install a bike trail that
would take out sewer inlets, apparently the brand new sewer inlets we're
putting in, and install bicycle friendly sewer inlets. While I don't object to bicycle friendly grates I don't think that's the best way to us limited funds," he said.

Well we got at least one bicycle friendly sewer inlet on Providence Road simply by properly installing it. What do we have to do next Councilman?


Anonymous said...

Just called them about the spring garden bridge bikelane grand canyon (westbound) at the seam...we'll see...