Friday, February 13, 2004

Proposed - East Coast Greenway Walk

The routes starts at Penn Treaty Park or Festival Pier (Spring Garden and Columbus) wraps around the Penns Landing Waterfront from there you continue south along the promenade to a signalized crossing at Christian St. After passing the Old Swedes Church a landscaped underpass crosses under 95. You then turn left on Front St in South Philadelphia where a wide, clean and somewhat landscaped walkway continues on front st adjacent to I-95 down to at least Snyder Ave (I only went as far as Washington St).

Another point to ponder is that this pedestrian route is parallel to the on-road bicycle route (Bicycle PA route E). It is on Delaware/Columbus along the east side of 95.

My opinion is that there is a lot here but no one has connected the dots between Columbus Blvd and South Philadelphia, which has a lot to offer the tourist. New development between Festival Pier and Penn Treaty park should close the blight gap along the sidewalk there. Its unfortunate however that the city has not required the new developers to install a waterfront path. Maybe an East Coast Greenway route designation with wayfinding signs could provide some incentive to do so in the future.