Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Blazing New Trails

The State Board of Education has a grant program called Blazing New Trails which is a statewide cooperative program between the various Alternative Education programs and the "Rails to Trails" program within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. This program was so successful in 2003 that it is being continued in 2004.

It is a supplemental enhancement program for students who are suspended or expelled and required to perform community service hours. The Commonwealth is in the process of converting old railroad lines to recreational walking and biking trails. While the “Rails to Trails” project is well underway, there are many opportunities available to make these areas safe, educational and aesthetically pleasing. Individual school projects may vary according to local community needs, but all must be related to the “Rails to Trails” program. The intent of the "Blazing New Trails" program is to develop creative solutions to the needs of the local “Rails to Trails” initiatives.