Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Hey PennDOT give us a bicycle friendly US 202

US 202 Draft Environmental Impact Statement Section ES1. This section of US 202 stretches from Matlack St in West Goshen to the Delaware State Line. Plans are to widen to 6 lanes after 2012.

Remember the slogan I was ranting about a few days back "Complete the Street", well here is a chance for us to tell PENNDOT to do just that. We need to make sure that any modification to US 202 accommodates bicycles "along and across" the length of the entire project. On Tuesday PENNDOT will post the Draft Environment Impact Statement for public comment on the US 202 website http://www.us202.com

As usual PENNDOT will make the commentary process as difficult as possible by requiring comments in writing. (do these guys do rebates?) The good news is that we have a history of success on this road; the Bicycle Coalition successfully lobbied for bike lanes on US 202 north of Norristown and for a 9 mile multi-use path between Montgomeryville and Doylestown.

Suggestions to PENNDOT
In your comments you should urge PENNDOT to include bike lanes, bicycle friendly intersections and to reduce the numerous commercial driveways, if you speak bureacratise you can sum it up by saying "complete the road with context sensitive solutions" Forward thinking planners and engineers embrace that philosphy.

Submit written testimony by April 9 2004 to:
7000 Geerdes Boulevard,
King of Prussia, PA 19406,
Attn: Elaine Elbich, P.E.