Saturday, January 03, 2004

Bicyclists Baltimore Pike Under Siege

An article in the Delaware County Times states "A public meeting is being planned to discuss PennDOT's plan to put a bike trail on a narrow, highly traveled stretch of Providence Road in Aldan."

What they are really talking about is a small section of Bicyclists Baltimore Pike a county project to create a signed bike friendly route between Brookhaven Borough and West Philadelphia. Bike lanes (where feasible) signage and hazard removal are all part of this project.

Aldan Councilman John McBlain (R) objects to the bike improvements and has asked State Rep. Nicholas Micozzie (R-163) to help in organiza meeting to gather public input. Stay tuned here for announcements.

McBlain's objections include the installation of bicycle friendly sewer grates (apparently the borough has just installed wheel grabber grates which need to be removed) and the current state fiscal crisis.

My answer to those concerns is
A-installing dangerous drainage grates is negligent and sets up a lawsuit from an injured cyclist and

B- This project is being paid for with federal Congestion Mitigation Air Quality Funds (CMAQ) allocated in 2001 and in no way affects the state budget.