Monday, December 22, 2003

Route 13 Redevelopment Project could be Stronger for Bikes

A presentation of the Route 13 redevelopment project (lower Bucks County section) is online on the Bucks County TMA website

While there are improvements slated for highway crossings for the Delaware Canal, and a lane reduction plan (4 lanes to 3). there seems to be little else for accommodating bikes on route 13; which has some of the highest bike/car crashes per mile in the suburbs.

A similar project just completed on nearby route 413 touted bike paths and sidewalks in the Transportation Improvement Program, what we got was a wider faster highway with 5 foot shoulders that are interrupted by turn lanes and dozens of curb cuts (commercial driveways). There's also sidewalks and fancy street lights for peds, but no trees and no provisions for crossing the 5 lane road.

A photo of the almost completed 413 is online