Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Lance - Do you remember the Core States Championships?

You remember us right? We were at the Manayunk Wall ... no not the famous climb on Levering St; but along the wall of intoxicated "cycling fans" purging on Roxborough's Manayunk Ave. How could you forget us?

This is from

11/21 Here's a heads up for those in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area: Lance will be a part of the next President's Cancer Panel titled "Living Beyond Cancer: Meeting the Challenges of Older Adult Survivors" Monday, Jan 5, 2004 at the Loews Philadelphia Hotel. While Lance will be at the event throughout the day, we get word that the evening town hall session from 7-9 PM is one of the best times to check things out up close and personal. As always, more info as it's available.