Thursday, October 16, 2003

Eyewitness to a Car - Pedestrian Crash

As I was walking to Market East Station from the Bicycle Coalition office around 6pm, I was about to cross Walnut (at Jefferson Hospital and Wendy's) as the light turned green, I looked right and noticed that a car was not slowing down at the intersection, meanwhile a cab started to cross Walnut, What happened next was totally surreal to watch, the car grazed the cab and veered right into a group of pedestrians at Wendy's.

I and at least one other person called 911 a beat cop was there before I finished the phone call. What really disturbed me was that this crash took place right in front of Jefferson Hospital and we waited at least 3-5 minutes for an ambulance to fight traffic. Two Jefferson employees in scrubs told one of the first responders that they were not allowed to provide an immobilizing board for the victims. Ridiculously litigous society we live in.

I don't yet know the fate of the two victim, One other was taken on the board into the first ambulance. the second one was still on the ground after he got up for a couple minutes, probably waiting for the second ambulance. A third person from what I am told jumped out of the way at the last second.

Better roads, better rights, and better rules.