Saturday, September 20, 2003

Overblown Reaction?

Once again the Delaware River Port Authority has closed the walkway of the Ben Franklin Bridge with seemingly little merit. While it was prudent to close the walkway during Tropical Storm Isabel as a precaution, its hard to explain why a storm that did very little damage here would close the walkway indefinitely. Winds died down to less than 20mph Friday afternoon, hardly an unusual circumstance.

Bicyclists appreciates the fact that DRPA regularly communicates the status of the walkway between Philadelphia and Camden. But we are befuddled by prolonged closings that frequently inconvenience bicyclists and pedestrians who depend on the bridge to get to their jobs. Toll paying motorists would never tolerate this. Maybe bicyclists should stick EZ Pass transponders on their bikes and ride through the toll lanes.

DRPA's bridge policies are totally at odds with the excellent bike access rules and new bike parking initiatives at PATCO (also run by the authority).