Thursday, September 11, 2003

Bicycle Hollywood (and Manhattan)

Walking the walk,
1 - Ed Begley Jr. LA Bike Commuter, greatest moment: made a special on the Travel Channel showing how you can tour LA on bike, foot, bus and train. You won't find that in the guidebooks.

2 - Matthew Broderick - bike commuter, claims to have at least 11 bikes stolen. Somebody teach this guy how to lock a bike up.

3 - Michael Stipe - Athens GA pedestrian. Regularly attends anti sprawl and traffic calming meetings in his home town. Historic preservationist.

Honorable mentions:
Woody Harrelson - Has done several bicycle eco tours down the California Coast
Matthew B.'s wife Sarah Jessica Parker - Carrie Bradshaw would never touch a bicycle but Sarah does. Also reportedly a member of the Straphangers Union.
Leo DiCaprio - Environmental activist Often seen in LA on his bike.
Conan O'brien another Manhattan Bicyclist as seen in his show intro,
Robin Williams - Lance Armstrong's pedaling pal
Madonna? - known to bicycle with the paparazzi in tow. As confirmed from this article
Dave Matthews Band - Local Foundation BAMA Works in Charlottesville VA has funded the yellow bike program there. (partially implemented by yours truly).

Prius Driving sympathizers
Anti Oil pundits Bill Mahar and Arrianna Huffington
Ted Dansen and Mary Steenburgen
Larry David (as seen on Curb Your Enthusiasm)
Tom Hanks
Cameron Diaz
Kelsey Grammar

Any others? send me an email