Saturday, August 09, 2003

Save Enhancements Action Alert

The BCGP has added a link to the America Bikes Save Enhancements campaign on the BCGP website. It also includes contact information to find your local representative in congress.

The House Appropriations committee voted to eliminate funding for Transportation Enhancements for Fiscal Year 2004.

The Transportation Enhancements program dedicates a small portion of each State’s annual federal transportation funding to community-initiated projects such as multi-use paths, bike improvements, sidewalks, streetscaping and renovation of historic transportation structures. Thousands of communities have used the funds to build nearly 16,000 projects since the program was created in 1991. More than half of the funds have gone to creating safer places to bicycle and walk.

Some of the projects funded by enhancements include the BEEP program, Bicycle PA routes, the Schuylkill River Trail, The Perkiomen Creek Trail, the Delaware Canal restoration and several dilapidated SEPTA rail stations.

The bill goes to the full house in September, its our job to contact our local representatives and remind them what enhancements mean to the community.