Friday, June 20, 2003

Seniors sit on chairs in road to build Woodhaven

An article in the Northeast News Gleaner reports on repeated protests by Byberry Road residents who want the Woodhaven Road Expressway Built to the city line at Philmont Ave.

Of course building an expressway besides damaging the local environment will only increase traffic in the area. While Byberry Road may see reduced traffic for 4 or 5 years. Induced demand will eventually back up Woodhaven and Byberry again.

Strategies to reduce traffic by increasing opportunities for walking, cycling and mass transit were dismissed early on.
Here are my suggestions to reduce congestion in Somerton and Lower Moreland Township
1 - Truncate the existing expressway at Roosevelt Blvd
2 - Use the PENNDOT right of way to build a linear park to the city line with a multi-use trail and landscaping. A similar project is in design now in Monmouth County NJ on the ROW of NJ route 18 that was never built.
3 - Improve east west transit service and coordinate it with Regional Rail Service on the local R3 stations and the R7/Amtrak (Cornwells Heights)
4 - Identify barriers to cycling and walking in the area
5 - Change local zoning to encourage developers and businesses to create a more walkable/bikeable Somerton