Saturday, June 07, 2003

Downingtown drops the ball

Downingtown Borough has become the latest municipality to kill a bike/pedestrian
project. They are turning back in $472,000 of TEA-21 funds because of an
unwillingness to move forward, (i.e. providing their 20% match) citing budget
cuts. Downingtown applied for the funds and the Bicycle Coalition
co-sponsored the project. The project beat out many other bicycle and pedestrian projects which were not funded.

Previous municipal fumbles
May 2003
Lower Makefield Township drops 200k bike path along PA 332 (citing lack of available right of way)
Limerick Township Drops 400K - For bike lanes on Ridge Pike, Swamp
Pike, and Lewis Rd.
- money from both projects is going to the West Chester Transit Center

Summer 2002 Philadelphia De-Obligates (gives back) 1.5M for the Philadelphia Bicycle Network ,claiming it does not need that money to complete the network. While this is true from a construction point of view the city also claims it cannot afford to hire a bicycle coordinator, which would go a long way to make Philadelphia a great place to bicycle.

2002 Upper Merion Township drops 400k -Design and construction of road improvements for bicycle facilities on N. Henderson Rd.,
W. Beidler Rd., PA 23, W. Valley Forge Rd., Keebler Rd., S. Gulph Rd., S. Henderson Rd., Croton Rd., and S. Warner Rd.

2001 Aston Township drop 200k for bike lanes along Pennel and Concord and Dutton's Mill Rds.