Wednesday, June 11, 2003

City cracking down on cyclists, inline skaters and skateboarders

City Council will vote on an amendment to an existing skateboard law. City Hall Thursday June 12th (tomorrow) starting at 10 am room 696. The vote is in regards to Philadelphia City Law 10-610 which will increase the fines
for skateboarding on private property from $25 to $75. The law will also now
include cycling and rollerblading.

While its clear that the law is geared toward BMX cyclists and skateboarders riding in plazas, it can also affect commuters and messengers. For example if you ride across Dilworth Plaza to avoid the the turning mess on Broad St then you could be fined. Cyclists already get harassed by doorman in the giant office complexes of Center City West, and this law will likely trigger more bike parking crack downs. If you feel that this law is un just please make an appearance in support of the skateboarders, cyclists and in line skaters.

More about the law: