Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Remarks Of Hypocrisy As Bike Commuter Act Hangs On

Rep. John Boehner's criticism of the Bike Commuter Act in his Energy Bill speech:

“And although this is not an earmark, what I really liked in the bill was the $240 tax credit that we are going to provide every 15 months for people who regularly ride their bike to work for the purchase repair or storage of their bicycle. Now, amongst us, I know there’s one of my colleagues that would probably benefit from this. I hope he's going to recuse himself when we vote. (obviously a jab at Rep. Blumenaur)

Then there are the remarks of Washington Rep. Doc Hastings

And, Mr. Speaker, it gives a tax credit to people for riding their bikes to work. I am sorry, but gas prices and climate change aren't going to be fixed by making people ride their bikes to work.

This isn't a plan to make America energy independent and to free us from foreign oil. It
is just a dream for the political left in this country. And let me repeat, Mr. Speaker, it
raises taxes, it is anti-nuclear and anti-dams, it forces people out of their cars, and gives
tax credits for riding their bike to work.

Really, are people going to "forced out of their cars" when many are eligible for a $2580 commuter tax credit that rewards people who drive anything from Mini Coopers to Hummers to work. Hugo Chavez should be thrilled ( 60% of Venezuela's oil exports goes to the US)

The good news is that despite the latest round of anti bicycle remarks the Bike Commuter Act is still in the House version of the Bill (but not in the Senate version). We can only hope that when the bills are reconciled, common sense, fairness and a step towards equality will reign.


Anonymous said...

OMG, I can't believe these Republicans sometimes. It's insane that they say these things out loud. Aren't they ashamed? Forcing people out of their cars will help them stop being so fat and probably improve our healthcare problems, increase our usable income, make us less stressed out and pissed off, and help stop global warming. It's a very logical thing to encourage...which is why these nutty dudes are so against it.

Maybe they are opposed to us bikers since we are not "real" Americans, i.e. not fat, lazy bums.

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