Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Bike Tunes and Podcasts

Are you tired of your 300 illegally downloaded songs on your Ipod? Then you should really look into subscribing to bicycle themed podcasts. You can search for these podcasts in ITunes

Bikescape - San Francisco Based Bicycle Advocacy News
KBOO Bike Show - Bike Issues affecting Portland OR
Velonews Audio Podcast - Racing news
Penn Future - Combating sprawl and environmental issues in Pennsylvania
NBG Mountain Mover's Podcast - National Bicycle Greenway Podcasts. Nice array of interviews

One thing that podcasts have helped done is push some bicycle themed music, like the tunes below.

Portland's Wandering Mind Society - "Pedal and Roam Theme song for KBOO Bike Show. Song has a DeadPhish feel to it.

Ryan Harvey -Riding my Bike to Work in the Rain - Nice upbeat acoustic tune

Funner than cars - Sung by Chicago Bicycle Federation Guru Randy Neufeld and Friends

Lists of other Bicycle Inspired Music
Bicycle Songs -
Note: Author trashes Neufeld's performance as unispiring

And two good songs that might fit into your soundtrack for a bicycle themed event. Each has little to do with bicycling
Saloon - Bicycle Thieves - Great title, retro-shoegaze/dreampop music
Orbit Bicycle Song - Edgy Alternative Rock worth the 99 cents for the legal download.


Ira F. Stone said...

Hey John
You should add The Fredcast and The Spokesmen to your list of podcasts. They are great and I've been tauting them on my blog (which you're welcome to check out and where there are links to these podcasts)
Ira Stone

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Unknown said...

Another good podcast, although it's British but you can't fault it for that, is The Bike Show at Resonance FM.