Sunday, June 10, 2007

A bad week for Child Pedestrians

The daily carnage of pedestrians maimed or killed by automobiles continues but this week was especially gut wrenching because of 3 small children were killed.

In Allentown a 4 Year Old boy was killed when two Police Cruisers crashed and veered on the sidewalk. One of the officers has an extensive record of moving violations including drunk driving and speeding. No charges have been filed.

In Camden Two-year-old Jasir Coar was killed by a minivan when it swerved out of control onto the sidewalk was at 7th and Chestnut Streets. No charges have been filed.

In Bear DE two children and their mother were struck on Friday while crossing Route 40 at Porter Road. On Sunday night Channel 6 reported that the younger child, age 6 months old had died. No charges have been filed.

In Camden on Friday a 3 year old was struck and injured by a hit and run driver who stopped the car and fled on foot.


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